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Original Batmobile to go on auction

The original car from the Batman television series is to be auctioned and likely to fetch a seven-figure sum, auctioneers…Read More →

David Beckham to begin talks with AS Monaco

LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham is to begin talks with French club AS Monaco, with negotiations expected to take place…Read More →

Internet and cellphone communication cut off in Syria

Internet and cellphone communication has been disrupted in Syria, monitoring firms said on Thursday.

Networking firm Renesys said the country's…Read More →

110 companies bid for Hostess brands

Hostess Brands, maker of some of the U.S.’s most popular food brands, could survive bankruptcy after its owner revealed on…Read More →

Egypt assembly backs draft constitution

Egypt's constituent assembly has approved a draft constitution while the judiciary threatens to dissolve it amidst an escalating power struggle…Read More →

Palestine granted upgraded UN status

The United Nations General Assembly voted on Thursday to grant Palestine non-member observer state status.

The decision is one that…Read More →