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Botswana Map

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Where is Botswana ?
Located in Southern Africa, Botswana is a landlocked country. Botswana adopted its name after becoming independent, on 30th September 1966.
Botswana Map
The official flag of Botswana was adopted on its independence day. The flag is of light blue color with black and white horizontal bands in the centre.
Lat Long24°39.5'S25°54.5'E
Largest CityGaborone
Official LanguageEnglish and Tswana
Major ReligionChristian 71.6%, Badimo 6%, other 1.4%, Islam 0.3%, Buddhist 0.1%, none 20.6% (2001 census)
National day09/30/66
Form of GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
PresidentIan Khama
Vice PresidentPonatshego Kedikilwe
CurrencyPula (BWP)
GDP$35.978 billion 2014 estimate
Calling code267
Time Zone(UTC+2)

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In terms of total area, Botswana is the 47th largest nation in the world. Get more idea from the informative maps of Botswana.

Spread over a total geographical land area of 226,012 sq. km, Botswana holds a population of 1,639, 131. The map of Botswana provides detailed information on the exact geographical location of the country within Africa. Apart from pointing out the important cities, the Botswana map indicates the major places of tourist interests and natural divisions of the country. Gaborone is the capital of Botswana.

The exciting and thrilling Botswana Safari offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore the unique wildlife of the country. Vast stretches of desert land, salt water lakes and savannahs represent the heterogeneous topography of Botswana.

Tourism is one of the main industries of Botswana. Rich flora and fauna form the epicenter of the country's tourism. The park safaris are major attractions. Some of the popular tourism destinations are: Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Chobe National Park and Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park.